Interested in analog photography, non-commercial, accidental, mainly street or travel. He collects cycles slowly and intuitively from observations and being in the right place and time. A graduate of the University of Wrocław at the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication and SWPS University in Wrocław at the Faculty of Graphic Design.

Cultural and social animator, production manager, festival  programmer, sound recordist. He is a founder, coordinator, and board member of the  Wroclaw Film Foundation. Organizer and programmer of the Spektrum Film Festival in Świdnica. Worked also for Warsaw Film Festival,  Transatlantyk Festival, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival. Currently involved in movie production. Winner of 48 Hour Film Project  Warsaw for the film Złe Zabawy (Bad Games)  with Imgorzejtymlepiej Group. Production manager of Michał Marczak film All These Sleepless Nights awarded  i.a. at Sundance Film Festival and T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival, co-writer of mockumentary The God of Internet directed by Joanna Satanowska. Recently published his debut artbook Xiążęta.


2021, "Xiążęta" /  Publisher: Fundacja Splot, Design: Kaja Gliwa, Libretto: Bartek Zdunek

72 pages, ON SALE NOW



2022, "GeschichtensammlerIn" / Krakauer Haus, ​ Nürnberg [DE]            

2021, "Merci Madame" / Galeria Fundacji Piana, Kraków [PL]             

2019, "I photographed people who are photographing" / Kunstfestival ART | an der Grenze | na granicy, Frankfurt (O) [DE]

2018, "Strange things happen at night (mostly)"/ SWPS  Graphic Gallery, Wrocław [PL]

2018, "I photographed people who are photographing" / Festival Neuer Kunst lAbiRynT, Słubice – Frankfurt (O) [PL/DE]

2017, "Książęta / The Princes" / Miejsce przy miejscu Gallery, Wrocław [PL]

2012, "Obrazy w obrazach bez obrazów" / Festival Neuer Kunst lAbiRynT, Słubice – Frankfurt (O) [PL/DE]


2023, "Golden Hour" / Galeria Fundacji Piana, Kraków [PL]   

2021, „In situ. Uczymy (się) zmiany" / Concordia Design,  Wrocław [PL]

2013, "Złudzenia w przestrzeni / Illusions in Space" / during the "Collection" exhibition, SWPS Gallery, Wrocław [PL]


2018 - "End of the Road" Krzysiek Orłowski / 11th International Documentary Film Festival Okiem Młodych in Świdnica [PL]

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